Emerald is the stone of truth and love. This beautiful stone evokes nature and, like nature, it brings hope, renewal and harmony. We hope the calming green of our Emerald suite will let you relax and recharge. Emerald is a two-bedroom suite, with a New York-style shower, an open plan kitchen-dining and sitting room. Emerald […]


Amethyst is the stone of trust and grace. The purple notes are regal and they are believed to enhance intuition and bring about creativity and inspiration. We hope this rich vibrant colour will make your stay an inspiring one.  Amethyst is located on the upper floor of the building and overlooks the park. It has […]


The red ruby symbolizes passion, nobility and purity all at the same time. Ruby is a protective stone which brings happiness and passion. We hope our Ruby suite will make your stay magical. The Ruby suite is located on the upper floor of the building and overlooks the park. It has one large bedroom, a […]

Francesco Pirazzi’s solo – Nobody’s Dream

Augustenborg Project has invited Italian painter Francesco Pirazzi for the art space’s inaugural solo exhibition titled Nobody’s Dream with a selection of over 20 works created between 2018 and 2020. Inspired by the mystery of light, Francesco’s works evoke a silence, mystery, presence and absence in which the precious, fleeting, fascinating and even indecipherable are […]

Group Show – From the Inside Out

The exhibition, curated by Claire Gould, formerly Curator at the Helsinki Art Museum, embraces both what is inside of us and outside, and addresses how things are not necessarily as they seem but shrouded in emotions, or by situations, materials and conditions.   FROM THE INSIDE OUT plays on the layers of perception, history of […]

Jeppe Nedergaard – Slusen (Lock)

A lock is a short section of a canal or river controlling the water level, which sometimes takes the form of a narrow passage one has to pass on the way. Opening a lock, one can be sure to release great forces. At Augustenborg_Project SLUSEN (danish for lock), we invite especially local creatives to try […]