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Phantom Roots Filip Vests

Augustenborg_Project is a place for the bold. This is an umbrella of three distinct yet closely related areas: A_Art Project, A_Food_Project and A_Work_Project. Nestled on the grounds of Augustenborg Castle’s park, Augustenborg_ Project honours the history of the important crossroads of Denmark and Germany. This will be an ever-changing place, following the whims and meanderings of its artists.

The “White Palazzo” next door, which now houses Augustiana Kunsthal, was home to the controversial Princess Louise Augusta of Denmark and Norway – the love child of Queen of Denmark (Caroline Matilda) and Johann Struensee. The “Yellow Palazzos” are home to Augustenborg_Project and were originally the annex to a mental hospital. Augustenborg_Project is a third incarnation of this stunningly beautiful space. Here, madness and artistic genius are equally welcome and nurtured.

A_Art_Project is a playground for artists to explore their talents and produce work in the comfort of the artists’ residences. This is a space to breathe, live, collaborate, explore and experiment. Then show the world in our own art space.

A_Food_Project is a space where Mette Henriksen, a talented local chef, prepares delicious food based on local ingredients with a modern twist. A_Food_Project also hosts host gastronomic pop-ups and events, challenging and pleasing the senses.

A_Work_Project is a place where artists of all genres, digital creators and artisans may find affordable ateliers to work, learn from each other and create.

The ethos of all three areas of Augustenborg_Project is to invigorate and challenge. We aim to create a melting pot of artists and art enthusiasts with breathing room for innovation, boldness and experimentation. No project is too bold, no idea too crazy. We hope you will come, get lost in the grounds, inspired by the water and the forest, and challenged. Your body will be fed with amazing fresh food. Your soul will be fed by painting, sculpture, poetry, music and performance art. Our doors are open. We hope your mind is too.